CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Deliver 200 UK Wheelchairs to Moldovan Youth


It’s difficult to accept that three months have already passed since we participated in the GlobalGiving March Accelerator Campaign. But it has, and much has happened in the world of MAD-Aid… This is just a brief update to THANK YOU again for believing in us and to let you know how YOU have Made a Difference!


With your help, we raised £4,278 / $5,982 of our £5,000 / $7,231 goal! And that covered the delivery cost of 165 reconditioned wheelchairs from the UK to Moldova.

In the month of April we sent off one full truckload with 42 wheelchairs along with 20 hospital beds and 20 examination couches urgently needed. The balance of chairs will be shipped end-July.


The 42 wheelchairs found overjoyed new users. Of the 30 standard chairs, 10 were delivered to Singerei District, 10 to Balti, and 10 to Edinet, all in northern Moldova.


Some children, unfortunately, have needs that cannot be accommodated even by a standard wheelchair. In this batch there were 12 highly specialised chairs used for optimal positioning of children with cerebral palsy and other severe cognitive or physical disabilities. Such chairs are very hard to get and usually cost around £2000 each even second-hand. Eight specialised chairs were delivered to a centre housing children with multiple severe disabilities. Four still remain to be distributed.


You know, a wheelchair completely changes the young lives of these children in Europe’s poorest country. Usually this will be the first time the children have ever had a wheelchair, thus changing not only their lives but those of their families, too.


Not only do these children reap the obvious benefit – physical mobility – these wheelchairs offer an opportunity for social inclusion for these youth and children who are typically used to living life completely isolated and hidden.


The other major advantage of mobility for these children is it gives them a chance at education, which in turn boosts their confidence and expands their horizons. They then have the same opportunities as able-bodied children.


In a separate campaign, on May 10, eight CHUWA trucks chock-full of humanitarian aid left the UK to drive the 2,000 mile trip to Moldova in order to deliver smiles to children. This is a high-energy semi-annual event executed in a close partnership between MAD-Aid and Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA).


Also aside, MAD-Aid founder Victoria Dunford took part in the First Annual Diaspora Forum of the Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies of the PACE in Geneva on May 18, 2018. Victoria presented MAD-Aid’s work and charity activities in Moldova, which will be used as best practices on how to empower diaspora members to contribute to the development of their countries of origin.

The march to Make a Difference goes on… and we’re grateful to have you join our mission!


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