We witness poverty and injustice
We witness the isolation of children and adults with disabilities
We witness hospitals where people are treated on rusty wire beds


And so we dream of a better world.


We dream that no child is left isolated
We dream that no child fails to get an education because s/he lacks the means to be mobile
We dream that hospitals have clean and quality equipment
We dream that the elderly have a secure place to retire

Our Vision

A world where children and adults with special needs have access to the same opportunities as others to fulfil their life’s ambitions; a world where we can all live safely with dignity, respect, and quality care.

We work towards this vision by developing and executing programs in the Republic of Moldova, the poorest country in Europe.


We started with the Medical Aid Delivery program. The program facilitates the transfer of high-quality equipment no longer needed by British hospitals (NHS) to hospitals in dire need of improvement. At the same time, it helps the UK hospitals save the cost of storage or disposal of equipment they no longer need.


We went on to establish and operate a UK-standard modern day care and early intervention and rehabilitation centre for children and teenagers with special needs.


We aim to Make A Difference.


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