A way to save money and make a difference

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National Health Sector

As equipment and furniture are upgraded on a regular basis, the redundant equipment can make a difference in hospitals which do not have beds or have old and unsafe equipment.

The NHS will save money on storage and disposal by giving up the equipment they don't need any more, and can be a partner in making a difference!


wheelchair and mobility-aid equipment users

Getting a new wheelchair is great and exciting, but what do you do with the old one? It may be tattered and worn but it can still be used. Maybe a family member passed away  and now you have a chair sitting alone. Please don’t throw it away! There are many people around the world who do not have the means to get wheelchairs, but desperately need them. Your donation of used equipment can benefit others.

Any specialized equipment is welcome including: crutches, walking frames, mobility scooters, bathroom lifts, chairs, grabbing rails, etc.



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Commercial - nursing homes, hotels, disabled schools, health care distributors...


MAD-Aid will collect any unwanted equipment and furniture that is not needed anymore, then we will refurbish and transport it to developing countries.




Recycling unwanted equipment compromises most of MAD-Aid's work and projects. We have recycled over
300 tonnes of equipment to date!