Advanced Trauma Life Support Program



Advanced Trauma Life support program- ATLS

The ATLS has been implemented in UK for many years and it demonstrated tremendous success in early recognition of poly-trauma as well as early initiation of treatment. UK is the main base of ATLS in Europe and there are more than 100 courses running every year. Currently there are more than 500 instructors in the country with more than 5000 doctors certified to provide advance trauma life support. Since the American board of ATLS has agreed for the Republic of Moldova to start  training its own doctors on ATLS, it is very important for the first instructors to be trained in UK so they can ensure future success. ATLS has been running in UK and USA for more than 20 years and they are considered the leaders in the program

We believe this project will greatly impact the medical system of the Republic of Moldova.   During the last year the number of poly-trauma patients in Moldova (related to the data of the main four big hospitals) was about 1100-1300 patients / year. From this, about 30-40% are critically traumatized patients, in which lethality consist about 30-40% (about 230-250 patients). According to clinical studies done in USA, implementations of the ATLS program reduce the level of the mortality rate by 30-80% (depending by the level of Injure Severity Score (ISS)). We estimate that application of the ATLS concept in the local medical system will decrease the mortality rate by 50% (110-125 patients per year). These people range in age from 25-45 years, so they make up the most active part of society. We should mention that in Moldova there exists a high risk of earthquakes and if one should occur  the number of critically traumatized patients would increase in thousands, therefore the impact of this project can be extremely high.  We expect that the results of the project will be evident two years after initiation

This project consists of 3 main steps:

  1. Train Moldovan instructors in the UK so they can provide teaching in Moldova. On 25th of June, 17 doctors from Moldova will arrive in UK in order to be trained and prepared for the next step.
  2. Provide ATLS for the first time in Moldova under supervision of a UK trauma surgeon, with the help of 17 British-trained instructor-doctors.
  3. Implement regular courses in order to train as many doctors as possible to provide ATLS in Moldova.

Partners for this Program

The Education and Conference Centre, Queens Medical Centre, University Hospital, Nottingham, NG7 2UH

Emergency Hospital in Chisinau, Moldova, Professor - Dr Croitoru

ATLS acreditated Dr. Bassell  El- Osta

British Embassy of Great Britain in Moldova

Project Manager: Dr Bassel El-Osta