Delivering AID for vulnerable families


MAD-Aid was approached back in 2013 by local authorities and asked to bring some clothes for children as there is a family that cant afford to send all of their 7 children to school at once, lacking the clothes. This message shocked us, and sounded extremely unbelievable.

After our own research we found hundreds of families, who couldn't even exist, all different reasons:

  • Parents abroad, children left with grandparents
  • Extreme poverty and unemployment
  • Disabled parents
  • Alcoholic parents



MAD-Aid started delivering clothes, food and little cheer to this vulnerable children

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In 2014 we set new partnership with CWUHA, the charity that for 20 years delivering smiles for needy children.

Thanks to this partnership we managed to reach 1000 children in 2015.

These families received :

Clothes and shoes for children and adults

School bags and school stationary

Household items such as wash machines, microwaves, kettles ets

Hygiene products



If you would like to be part of this project and witness this smiles you could make a donation parcel or donate towards the trasnrport

The Wish List:

  • Clothes (new and used)
  • Shoes ( has to be new)
  • School stationary, school bags,
  • Hygiene products
  • Cleaning products
  • Household appliances