Phoenix Centre


Together with our three project partners, Communications Workers Union Humanitarian Aid - CWUHA (who are raising money for the project and delivering equipment to the project), Child Aid (who will help and support in training the staff), and Moldova Aid ( a local well-known NGO), we wish to completely renovate an old ‘Activity Centre’ which was built in 1985 and closed for operation in 1995 when the Soviet Union collapsed.  This centre is in the city of Riscani in northern Moldova – there are no disability centres in this half of the country.

As of 19 September 2015, Phase One of the Phoenix Centre is complete.  We have finished renovation of one wing of the building and are now bringing children from around the northern region to the Centre for learning exercises and confidence-building activities.  We still have a long way to go before the entire Centre is renovated, but we are on our way.


PhoenixCentre it is a day centre offering children with disabilities:

  1. Social Inclusion
  2. Education
  3. Activities
  4. Therapy
  5. Transport from and to home
  6. Meals
  7. Employment in local community
  8. Respite for parents



PHX Opening 15- 4083



For Early Intervention Phoenix has modern equipment such as

  1. Specialized positioning chairs
  2. Sensory Equipment
  3. Language and Speech materials
  4. Musical Therapy


The staff is trained by Great Britain, EU and USA specialist, adopting modern approach to disability in order to develop the best abilities in every child.

For each child the treatment program is set up individually, and working alongside with parents in order to continue the treatment at home after centre intervention.



"These children Abilities are Stronger than their disability"

Just few months since opening and we already can prove that these children are first of all children, yes they have special needs, and need slightly different care, but they can be part of society.

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