Delivering Hospital Aid

Equipping hospitals

We also help rural hospitals in communities that have very limited resources. Without assistance, it is extremely difficult, if not sometimes impossible, for these hospitals to afford even the minimum equipment they need.  You can read more about the equipment needed.

Most Moldovan hospitals cannot afford hot water and their equipment is of very poor quality. We are here to collect equipment that British hospitals no longer need and deliver it to Moldovan hospitals where is badly needed. In doing this we also help UK hospitals save the cost of storage or disposal of unwanted equipment.


Since its Foundation, MAD-Aid equipped:

2 wards in Rscani Hospital

2 wards in Mother and Child Hospital Chishinau

Beds delivered to Trauma hospital in Chisinau

Specialized chemotherapy chairs delivered to Oncology Hospital

Aid delivered to Neurosurgical Hospital Christina




New Lockers in place