Recycling Unwanted Equipment



UK hospitals spend millions of pounds each year updating equipment so that they can stay at the cutting edge of healthcare. There is no room to keep the old equipment, and it either goes into storage, at great expense, or the hospital pays for it to be taken away and disposed of. Victoria thought of that poorly equipped Moldovan hospital with its leaky blood pressure meters, and said “We must be able to do something to get that equipment to where it is needed.” The hospitals she spoke to agreed, and MAD-Aid was formed.

When we first started our operations, we were clear that there were opportunities to take discarded equipment from St Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight and deliver it to Riscani Hospital in Moldova. It has since become clear that there are far greater opportunities, and that the range of equipment available is far wider than we originally realized.



During last few years, MAD-Aid worked closely to Isle of Wight Hospital, Hospice, Southampton Hospice,

Red Cross and other health care providers.

We managed to save from landfill over 300 tones with equipment that has been transported mainly to Moldova ( poorest country in Europe, but also in partnership with other UK organizations we transported equipment to Bellorussia, Ukraine and Romania.

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Working in partnership with Island Mobility, Isle of Wight Prison, Millbrook Health Care we also managed to recycle and transport over 1000 items of mobility equipment: wheelchairs, Crutches, walking frames, hoists, bath lifts etc.

MAD -Aid it is licensed wit Environment Agency for recycling, also we provide disclaimers for any equipment collected/donated.