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Get Mad! is the gripping story of a young Moldovan woman’s struggles to turn a deaf ear to those of her countrymen who said her plan to transform an abandoned Soviet-era elementary school into an EU-standard day centre for disabled children simply couldn’t be done. If you are looking for some inspiration, look no further, and it’s FREE!

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Victoria’s story

For those who contemplate great things, Get MAD! is a must-read.

Victoria’s is a story of what happens when a seemingly ossified geography of negativity meets an earthquake of determination. For those who admire David and Goliath stories of the small overcoming the great, Get MAD! is a must-read. For those of you who must overcome the obstacles that life throws in your path every day, Get MAD! is a must-read.

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Read the copy of Victoria Dunford’s Get Mad book from cover to cover in one afternoon. A story of the impossible made possible.

The global mission that impacted and continues to impact hundreds of thousands of people in need round the globe. Which started from one persons desire to help another person. […]

It made me cry reading about the inhuman conditions of lifes of some of the children and it made me laugh reading about Johns ingenious method to turn new toys into used ones at the customs.

In a sense this story is a celebration of humanity seeing the amount of big hearted people giving their helping hand towards a good cause.

Bless you Victoria & John, keep doing the great work! I wish for the opening of the Phoenix II in 2018

Get inspired and motivated by reading this book. It is another example of what you would expect to experience on your road to worthwhile dream!


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If you’re looking for inspiration for your own story, Get MAD! will definitely put you on the right track. Defeat almost seems like the one guarantee of life, but what we learn from that defeat is what defines our character.

Are you ready to reduce your dragons to ashes and raise a phoenix of your own?

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