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Phoenix Centre

Phoenix Centre is MAD-Aid’s largest program. The centre transforms the lives of children with special needs through education, act…

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Everyday Aid that Helps

A little aid, a pair of shoes so a child can walk to school, or even a tube of toothpaste, can make a big difference in the lives…

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Elderly Care Services

The next big program for MAD-Aid is to build and manage a self-sustainable modern care facility offering personalized family-orien…

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Hospital Equipment

An on-going MAD-Aid program is transferring furniture and medical equipment from British hospitals to poorly equipped clinics and…

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Wheelchair Delivery

A wheelchair is all an immobile person needs in order to see the sun and breathe fresh air. To date, MAD-Aid has delivered and dis…

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Other MAD-Aid Programs

1 + 1 equals more than 2! MAD-Aid is delighted to partner with a range of individuals and organisations to deliver aid or to plan…

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