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Ivan started attending the Phoenix Centre on April 26, 2017.  When we first met Ivan, we noticed that he feels a sense of inferior…

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Lilian lives in the village of Mihaileni with his father, mother, and older brother.  They are a modest family but filled with opt…

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Ionuţ lives in the village of Zaicani with his mother, father, brother, grandmother, and grandfather, all of whom are a united fam…

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Natalia lives with her father and younger brother.  From the first few hours, minutes, and seconds of the opening of the Phoenix C…

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Vadim comes from a family of farmers in Mihaileni and lives with his father, three brothers, and two sisters.  In this family ther…

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Alexander comes from a loving household with a caring mother, father, and little sister. He has been blessed with a wonderful fami…

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