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Ivan started attending the Phoenix Centre on April 26, 2017.  When we first met Ivan, we noticed that he feels a sense of inferiority and helplessness.  At first he had a low level of practical knowledge for his age.  He did not have confidence and was afraid to try new activities. He preferred to play alone, used bad language, spoke ugly to others, and there were times when he insulted the children. He was always tired.  In life skills, he could not dress or undress himself or take off his shoes.  He would go to the bathroom in diapers. He was afraid to use his wheelchair by himself without the help of an adult.  He would not use polite words like „Hello, goodbye, thank you” etc.

In this short period of time, Ivan has found satisfactory success.  A very good result we have found is that Ivan no longer uses diapers when at the Centre. He can use the bathroom with supervision of social workers.  He recognizes the names of those who work at the Centre.  He has changed his behavior and become friends with the staff and the other children. He no longer plays by himself but engages in games with others.  He really likes to listen and dance to music.  He knows how to make friends with others, how to react appropriately and apologize for mistakes.  He knows how to count to ten and the alphabet to letter „F”.  He also knows the different shapes and colors and how to memorize poems and songs. Ivan is thankful and loves the Phoenix Centre.

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