Lilian lives in the village of Mihaileni with his father, mother, and older brother.  They are a modest family but filled with optism and big hearts.  When we met Lilian he had an expressionless face without any emotions. He was in a wheelchair and did not say a word.  He had a poor vocabulary and when he did speak it was with great difficulty. He would become bored very quickly.  He was hypersensitive and would become injured easily.  He was also slow in movements.  When he tried to play computer games he did not know how because he never had the opportunity to play.  He did not know how to count, write, read, color, play with clay, dress himself, climb stairs, or move without assistance.  His motor skills were very weak and underdeveloped.  He liked to play by himself and away from other children because group games irritated him. He had a noncommunicative but accessible character.

Lilian’s greatest success is that he is no longer trapped in his wheelchair. With help from adults he can climb stairs and he can maneuver the ramp by himself in a bicycle apparatus with a little help from friends.  He is active during physical therapy.  He knows the colors, numbers, how to write, the alphabet, and shapes.  He has learned to recite some poems but this is still difficult. He can dress and undress himself. He also can put on and take off his own shoes.  He is able to clean himself in the bathroom. Lilian keeps his things tidy and participates in group games, making sure that everyone understands the rules.  He knows his age, his address, and his last name, too.  He is very pleased with everything he has done since coming to the Phoenix Centre.

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