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Phoenix Centre

Phoenix Centre is MAD-Aid’s largest program. The centre transforms the lives of children with special needs through education, activities, therapies and more.
The centre has two main areas of activity:

A day centre for children and teens with special needs. The centre offers:

  • transport to and from home
  • education
  • three meals a day
  • activities that promote inclusion
  • day excursions

Early intervention and rehabilitation, including

  • physiotherapy
  • language and speech therapies
  • sensory room therapy
  • psychological evaluations
  • counselling for parents

Through these activities, the children escape isolation and loneliness, develop skills and relationships, and feel inclusion and confidence.

The doors to Phoenix Centre in Riscani, Moldova, opened in September 2015. Space, an abandoned kindergarten, was granted by the local public authorities of Riscani and required major renovation to make it suitable for use.

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