Wheelchair Delivery

A wheelchair is all an immobile person needs in order to see the sun and breathe fresh air.  To date, MAD-Aid has delivered and distributed over 500 wheelchairs, offered independence to 500 adults and children in Moldova. Yet 1,500 more in need are waiting.

Wheelchair delivery is one of the first overseas programs of MAD-Aid. Starting in 2012, MAD-Aid has restored wheelchairs and equipment discarded by British hospitals and distributed them to people in need in Bulgaria and Moldova.

This program has transformed the lives of hundreds of disabled children and adults by advancing their independence in a practical way. Providing the equipment, support and life skills they need, when they need them, has given them the chance to develop their full potential and participate in their communities.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything MAD-Aid does.

With still a very high demand, MAD-Aid continues this program to deliver wheelchairs and other specialised equipment.

For a mere £35.00, you can Donate a Wheelchair!

You can make a real difference to the poorest country in Europe

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