Alexander comes from a loving household with a caring mother, father, and little sister. He has been blessed with a wonderful family. He is a kind, obedient boy who does not know how to lie. When we first met Alexander we saw a shy child who did not have the confidence to speak up. He had trouble expressing his thoughts and was afraid of trying new things. Even if he knew the answer to a question, he was afraid to speak up and answer.

When we would ask, „If you knew the answer, why did you not say?” He would always reply, „I know but I am afraid that I will be wrong and then people will laugh at me.” He was embarassed by his lack of vocabulary and his halting speech. He found it hard to put on his shoes and undress. The first time we attempted to go up a ramp in his special bicycle he was very afraid and emotional but together we overcame this barrier.

After one year, Alexander has gone through an amazing transformation. He is no longer the shy, fearful boy.  Frequently at the Phoenix Centre he makes himself heard by the employees and children.  Very quickly he became a leader for the other children and now they all want to be his friend.  At first he had a phobia of speaking in public and expressing himself but now he takes the microphone in his hands and speaks to interviewers.  We have made incredible progress in traversing the ramp with his special bicycle as well as a wheelchair. He now dresses and undresses without assistance.  In his own words: „I cannot believe that this is me, the one who forever wandered in a closed house by a window. Now I am a part of society and I pray for the health of all those who have offered this holy place to children as we are.”

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