Vadim comes from a family of farmers in Mihaileni and lives with his father, three brothers, and two sisters.  In this family there is peace, quiet, and friendship.  Vadim is loved by his family.  Until he came to the Phoenix Centre, Vadim was left alone and bored. Often he would leave his home and wander around his village and those nearby.  On holidays he would run away to the party in the village center.  His mother being older was unable to stop him.  Vadim has Down’s Syndrome. He could not form words and even the sounds he made did not mimic others. He demonstrated childish behavior and showed a low level of practical knowledge for his age level.  When no one was paying attention to him he would have nervous behavior and be very difficult to control.  If adults were making observations he would get upset and hide and he would be very jealous of attention given to other children.

Now we can only say beautiful things about Vadim.  He settled very quickly into the Phoenix Centre.  He has learned to say „Mother”, he can write his name, he learned the alphabet and numbers up to 10.  We are able to communicate with images on cards.  For example, if he wants to use the bathroom he would show us a card with a picture of toilet.  Recently he has begun learning the sounds emitted by animals.  His favorite game is making the animal sound and having other children guess what he is mimicking.  He loves to color and knows how to combine colors well.  Most of all he loves being in the spotlight and dancing. He has become an obedient child with many friends.

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