Children with disabilities are at the heart of our charity, but if we can we do not say NO to anyone. Wheelchairs from Southampton Hospice help Moldovan veterans.

When we visited Moldova after our last delivery we had a group with World War II veterans approach us with tears in their eyes, looking for help for their fellows with no legs or who cannot walk anymore.

What could we say?

The wheelchairs donated to us by Southampton Hospice went straight to them. There are so few of them left in a country like Moldova. They were on the front line with the Russians, but now they are forgotten in small villages around the country.

Vasile is so happy at 91 years of age to be able to have a wheelchair and a new stick for his friend.

In Riscani district we have 47 veterans, in Moldova, there are still about 7000 from World War II and from the Civil War.

We now have over 100 wheelchairs to be delivered to children with disabilities and to adults like Vasile, enabling them to see the day not just from the house window but from the yard.
A right, not a privilege

The inclusion by the society of all people with disabilities is a birth right not a privilege or a lottery managed by us. We do hope that the charity will change the lives of many people with disabilities and contribute in some way of changing society’s attitude to them.

In my view, the children are our FUTURE but these adults are people thanks to whom we are where we are today.

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