MAD-Aid started in 2012 with a MAD Moldovan woman living in the United Kingdom. That is as in MAD – passionate – about giving back to her country of origin.


MAD-Aid has been able to flourish only with support of many people who care – trustees and supporters – and has aimed to involve more Moldovans.


In 2015 alongside the existing trustee, Iurii Bivol, a Moldovan and self-made businessman in London, joined MAD-Aid’s board of trustees.


And now, in 2017, MAD-Aid steps into yet another era – with yet another great Moldovan supporter. Meet Vadim Turcanu – a serial entrepreneur and author.

Vadim, so much like everyone else at MAD-Aid, wants to make a difference in Moldova. He only learned about our charity a few months ago and immediately he generously offered to donate the sales proceeds of his first 100 books – a limited edition – to MAD-Aid.


Buy Here


Please donate the minimum of £30 and Vadim personally will sign and ship you the book.


You can help both yourself and the mission of MAD-Aid by pressing the link and buying a signed copy of Vadim’s book. Be assured it will inspire and change your life.


In “No One’s Business” a courageous young man from Moldova walks for six months to reach a destination he knows nothing about, a new country, where even going to prison is a better option than what he left behind…


Vadim Turcanu is a successful entrepreneur, judo champion and philanthropist who shares his own vision to make better life choices. The author shares his true story as it happened to him, about when he walked barefoot for six months with nothing but his own dream to be a winner at the game of life.


If you are thinking, “why do I need to know his story?” the answer is very simple: you can learn more about who you are and how to overcome limiting beliefs and social conditioning. But the key message of this book is that you are a migrant yourself, even if you have never left the comfort of your home to look for a better life, even after you have achieved what was expected of you, because you still have the right to be curious about who you are and what is obtainable when you open your mind to other people’s experience. You learn what they did to become so successful.


You see, migration is not only about geography; it’s not limited to moving from a village to a city, or from one country to another. It’s about transforming from where you are in your life at present to where you want to be.


PS: When buying the book please insert your mail and address so we can post it quickly. Thank you

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