WIN-WIN for everyone!


We are excited to announce that this week the MAD-Aid volunteers based on Isle of Wight managed to collect vital equipment from St Marys Hospital and Early Mountbatten Hospice. We would like to express our gratitude to these organisation for servicing and donating to us many tonnes of re-usable equipment.


The 20 beds, examination couches, bathroom chairs, patient chairs, respiratory machines and much other disabled equipment are getting ready to be delivered to Moldova.


You can contribute to support paying for transport or volunteer for loading the truck.


MAD-Aid’s efforts are a triple win for everyone; the NHS and Hospice are saving money and getting the feel-good factor by donating equipment, the equipment does not have to go to landfill, and many people and hospital wards in Moldova will benefit from it years to come


You can be part of Make A Difference!



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