Wheelchairs delivered!

Dear donor:

So here we are again, over half a year since we launched our wheelchair campaign in the GlobalGiving March Accelerator and you made your life-changing donation to deliver wheelchairs to the poorest country in Europe. We did it!


The delightful news is that, with your help, we REACHED OUR CAMPAIGN GOAL! Additional funds came in after the campaign period and a total of 80 caring people helped us raise the full £5,000 | $7,235! And that covered the delivery cost of a total of 202reconditioned wheelchairs from the UK to Moldova, and then some!


Mid-September volunteers loaded 160wheelchairs together with over 1000pieces of specialised equipmentsuch as walker frames, toilet seats, commodes, crutches, and more in York, UK, On this occasion, MAD-Aid partnered with Physionet, an award-winning charity led by Peter Thomson, which also collects physiotherapy and mobility equipment and distributes it to developing countries across the globe. Physionet trustees and their volunteers alongside MAD-Aid volunteers did the physical loading into the truck. From the funds raised, MAD-Aid covered the expense of collecting and refurbishing the equipment, supplied the truck, and paid the trucking costs to Moldova. You can watch the loading in this one-minute video.


The truck arrived in Moldova just in time for the Marathon for All, the very first marathon organised in the capital Chisinau for wheelchairs users and other people with disabilities. It’s hard to believe this happened in Moldova, a country where just five years ago most people with special needs were totally isolated. This is inclusion! This is progress! Thanks to the timely appearance of these wheelchairs from the UK, a few more children and youth were able to take part in the marathon.


You’ll recall that in April we already sent off one full truckload with 42wheelchairs along with 20hospital beds and 20examination couchesthat were urgently needed.


In a separate campaign, in September MAD-Aid welcomed once more eight CHUWA trucks loaded with humanitarian aid—six from England and two from Ireland—to Moldova to deliver smiles to children. This semi-annual event is possible through the close partnership between MAD-Aid and Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA), where MAD-Aid coordinated the logistics and oversaw the distribution of aid to three centers, a hospital, and four villages.


MAD-Aid now turns attention to its third core program—establishing a modern elder care residence next to its already running day care centre for children with special needs. Phase 1 involves major capital renovations. You can learn more about this program (and how you can help, if so inclined) on our website or on our Facebook page (links below).


THANK YOU once again for believing in us—be assured that YOU have Made a Difference!

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Deliver 200 UK Wheelchairs to Moldovan Youth


It’s difficult to accept that three months have already passed since we participated in the GlobalGiving March Accelerator Campaign. But it has, and much has happened in the world of MAD-Aid… This is just a brief update to THANK YOU again for believing in us and to let you know how YOU have Made a Difference!


With your help, we raised £4,278 / $5,982 of our £5,000 / $7,231 goal! And that covered the delivery cost of 165 reconditioned wheelchairs from the UK to Moldova.

In the month of April we sent off one full truckload with 42 wheelchairs along with 20 hospital beds and 20 examination couches urgently needed. The balance of chairs will be shipped end-July.


The 42 wheelchairs found overjoyed new users. Of the 30 standard chairs, 10 were delivered to Singerei District, 10 to Balti, and 10 to Edinet, all in northern Moldova.


Some children, unfortunately, have needs that cannot be accommodated even by a standard wheelchair. In this batch there were 12 highly specialised chairs used for optimal positioning of children with cerebral palsy and other severe cognitive or physical disabilities. Such chairs are very hard to get and usually cost around £2000 each even second-hand. Eight specialised chairs were delivered to a centre housing children with multiple severe disabilities. Four still remain to be distributed.


You know, a wheelchair completely changes the young lives of these children in Europe’s poorest country. Usually this will be the first time the children have ever had a wheelchair, thus changing not only their lives but those of their families, too.


Not only do these children reap the obvious benefit – physical mobility – these wheelchairs offer an opportunity for social inclusion for these youth and children who are typically used to living life completely isolated and hidden.


The other major advantage of mobility for these children is it gives them a chance at education, which in turn boosts their confidence and expands their horizons. They then have the same opportunities as able-bodied children.


In a separate campaign, on May 10, eight CHUWA trucks chock-full of humanitarian aid left the UK to drive the 2,000 mile trip to Moldova in order to deliver smiles to children. This is a high-energy semi-annual event executed in a close partnership between MAD-Aid and Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA).


Also aside, MAD-Aid founder Victoria Dunford took part in the First Annual Diaspora Forum of the Parliamentary Network on Diaspora Policies of the PACE in Geneva on May 18, 2018. Victoria presented MAD-Aid’s work and charity activities in Moldova, which will be used as best practices on how to empower diaspora members to contribute to the development of their countries of origin.

The march to Make a Difference goes on… and we’re grateful to have you join our mission!


WIN-WIN for everyone!

WIN-WIN for everyone!


We are excited to announce that this week the MAD-Aid volunteers based on Isle of Wight managed to collect vital equipment from St Marys Hospital and Early Mountbatten Hospice. We would like to express our gratitude to these organisation for servicing and donating to us many tonnes of re-usable equipment.


The 20 beds, examination couches, bathroom chairs, patient chairs, respiratory machines and much other disabled equipment are getting ready to be delivered to Moldova.


You can contribute to support paying for transport or volunteer for loading the truck.


MAD-Aid’s efforts are a triple win for everyone; the NHS and Hospice are saving money and getting the feel-good factor by donating equipment, the equipment does not have to go to landfill, and many people and hospital wards in Moldova will benefit from it years to come


You can be part of Make A Difference!



MAD-Aid Opens New HQ in East Cowes

MAD-Aid, the Isle of Wight’s only medical aids collection and redistribution charity, is excited to announce the opening of its new headquarters on York Avenue, East Cowes, on 22nd of March.


MAD-Aid provides a unique service — we take redundant / out-of-date medical equipment that the NHS cannot use anymore, reconditions where necessary, and then distributes it to hospitals and disabled and needy children in Moldova. Our service of collecting the equipment from them helps Island healthcare providers save the expense of disposing it, and then also helps save the environment.


On our first day of opening, we were visited by Councillor Karl Love, MAD-Aid trustees and volunteers, and members of local businesses.


Victoria Dunford, founder of MAD-Aid, who was awarded the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s 2016 New Year’s Honours list, said: “This is an important milestone in our journey. As populations get older and technology moves on, we anticipate there will be an increased need for our service on the Island. The new centre will enable us to collect more medical aids from healthcare organizations around the Island in a more efficient way.”


Victoria continued: “In the five years we have been operating, we have already collected and redistributed over 350 tonnes of medical equipment, saving Island organizations storage, disposal and transportation costs. By re-using this equipment elsewhere we prevent it going to landfill here on the Island or in UK. This reduces the environmental impact of medical aid disposal, as some items can take over 30 years to breakdown, such as battery operated wheelchairs that would otherwise need specialist disposal.”


MAD-Aid specialises in the collection and subsequent onward delivery of unwanted medical aids, for example, wheelchairs, walking frames, beds, bedside lockers, crutches, as well as supporting a number of other programmes, such as delivering unwanted hotel beds to orphanages in developing countries.


The new HQ also has a shop window, selling hand crafted items offered in partnership with sabirian.com, hand crafted items made by children at our Phoenix Centre in Moldova, and Isle of Wight landscape canvasses provided by our trustee, Ann Lewis.





Deliver 200 UK Wheelchairs to Moldovan Youth

There are 1000s of children who rarely see the sky, homebound, for the mere lack of a wheelchair. With your help, we can, for GBP26 / USD36 a child, equip 200+ poor Moldovan youth with refurbished UK wheelchairs, giving them mobility, social inclusion, and access to education. The project is win-win: for the UK healthcare sector that saves on the disposal expense, funds that can better be used for patient care, and for the Moldovan youth who are given a chance at a brighter, more joyful future.


WE NEED ***YOUR*** HELP! Support us NOW, today, because a strong kick-off day will make MAD-Aid a permanent partner on GlobalGiving, which opens other doors to raising funds for us to deliver more medical aid and equipment to hospitals in one of the poorest countries in Europe.


CLICK and DONATE now. Oh, and share this campaign with family and friends.



Be Inspired!

MAD-Aid started in 2012 with a MAD Moldovan woman living in the United Kingdom. That is as in MAD – passionate – about giving back to her country of origin.


MAD-Aid has been able to flourish only with support of many people who care – trustees and supporters – and has aimed to involve more Moldovans.


In 2015 alongside the existing trustee, Iurii Bivol, a Moldovan and self-made businessman in London, joined MAD-Aid’s board of trustees.


And now, in 2017, MAD-Aid steps into yet another era – with yet another great Moldovan supporter. Meet Vadim Turcanu – a serial entrepreneur and author.

Vadim, so much like everyone else at MAD-Aid, wants to make a difference in Moldova. He only learned about our charity a few months ago and immediately he generously offered to donate the sales proceeds of his first 100 books – a limited edition – to MAD-Aid.


Buy Here


Please donate the minimum of £30 and Vadim personally will sign and ship you the book.


You can help both yourself and the mission of MAD-Aid by pressing the link and buying a signed copy of Vadim’s book. Be assured it will inspire and change your life.


In “No One’s Business” a courageous young man from Moldova walks for six months to reach a destination he knows nothing about, a new country, where even going to prison is a better option than what he left behind…


Vadim Turcanu is a successful entrepreneur, judo champion and philanthropist who shares his own vision to make better life choices. The author shares his true story as it happened to him, about when he walked barefoot for six months with nothing but his own dream to be a winner at the game of life.


If you are thinking, “why do I need to know his story?” the answer is very simple: you can learn more about who you are and how to overcome limiting beliefs and social conditioning. But the key message of this book is that you are a migrant yourself, even if you have never left the comfort of your home to look for a better life, even after you have achieved what was expected of you, because you still have the right to be curious about who you are and what is obtainable when you open your mind to other people’s experience. You learn what they did to become so successful.


You see, migration is not only about geography; it’s not limited to moving from a village to a city, or from one country to another. It’s about transforming from where you are in your life at present to where you want to be.


PS: When buying the book please insert your mail and address so we can post it quickly. Thank you